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Størrelse i cm
Størrelse i cm
Stickers round
Pris i alt:
1 040.54 DKK
Prisen er inklusive 23% moms

Antal af mønstre:
Folierede - vandfaste
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Produktionstid tager max {val} arbejdsdage
Størrelse Antal Antal af mønstre Pris Pris lamineret
Ø6 6x6 9000 9 1040.54 DKK 1196.62 DKK
Ø7 7x7 6000 6 869.59 DKK 999.66 DKK
Ø8 8x8 4000 4 735.81 DKK 846.55 DKK
Ø10 10x10 2000 2 602.03 DKK 691.96 DKK
Ø15 15x15 1000 1 631.76 DKK 726.15 DKK
Stickers round
Minimum order of each pattern is 1000 pieces. For each pattern we add 1-2% bonus stickers (10-20 pieces). This additional % is added to cover possible errors of offset printing technology (printing errors or cutting mistakes).
Final sticker colors might be slightly different than colors shown on your monitor.
Minimal size of each sticker side is 3 cm.
Use of CMYK color profile in graphic files results in more accurate preview of final sticker colors.
Logos and texts at graphic designs should be placed 2mm - 5mm away from edge of the image, because possible mistake in cutting of stickers is ± 2mm.
Gloss foil makes stickers thicker - because of that stickers are removed from surface more easily, however stickers have higher resistance for humidity.
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